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Lots of things to talk about!! I’ve started practicing my comicking and I’ll hopefully have a short oneshot done in a month or two, I was at NSCon in NY and got to talk to some friends I hadn’t seen in ages, and I’m working on backgrounds for an original visual novel project! It’s looking like it’s gonna so super interesting, I’m really excited about it.

I also got really invested in a baseball anime and the newest Fire Emblem. I’ve fallen hard. I will always be a sucker for Fire Emblem, though, I’ve been playing them since i was a wee lass. Seventh grade, probably? Oh, and I have been trying to be more ambitious in my fanart and studies – including more detailed backgrounds, sequential art, multiple characters, that kind of thing. Gotta push myself with every new thing I do!

I’ve been super busy lately! Just got back from AAC in NH, which was fun as always and i got to chat with some really awesome artists and go to a couple great panels. i’ve also been managing to practice my traditional inks every day for inktober, and it gave me the confidence to give watercolor commissions a go for the first time, and they came out really well! traditional commissions will be exclusive to conventions, though. if you know you’ll be attending one where i’m tabling, commissioning me for a watercolor to be picked up at the con is also an option!

i’m also trying to make some updates to my s6 shop, so if there’s something you’d like to see posted let me know. ✿♥☆