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boy, i have been quite busy the past few months!! September I went nuts and drew i think almost 40 of my ocs? so my oc website has a bunch of shiny new artwork. I fell hard back into BNHA because BNHA is the best superhero series ever and I’ve really grown to love it a lot, the character development in this show is just. So good. (and also Kirishima) and we’ve been doing some extremely fun things in our dnd campaign so my dragonborn cleric Wralarys has gotten some outfit changes and upgrades!

I’m planning on doing few more ink drawings to add to an inktober sketchbook that I’ll put out eventually, I’ll definitely post about it on my twitter when I get around to it. I also signed up for pillowfort as tumblr seems to be going down in flames, so for anyone looking to keep up with my progress more frequently those are both good options!

I hope you all are doing well, and working on lots of fun projects~