Tea Art & Illustration


I’ve been so incredibly busy lately, on top of some hectic and energy-consuming family stuff, so I haven’t been able to update in a while. I finally caught up on BNHA season 2, and the animation has been absolutely blowing my mind – I knew I was going to love these scenes because they were awesome in the manga, but seeing it animated is incredible.

I really love celebrating fandom birthdays, especially when i’m not feeling very much like drawing, because there’s extra incentive to draw my faves for their Special Day™ and celebrate them with the rest of the fandom, so a lot of the things i’ve been posting are bday art, haha. I also started a new tabletop game since our star wars sessions have been put on hold, so art of my newest character will definitely be forthcoming once i settle on a design for him!

Oh, I also made the mistake of installing the sky factory mod for minecraft? gosh dang, that mod is super fun and crazy addictive. I just want to make all of the things, forever