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I started a Patreon! There’s nothing there yet because I’ve been super busy with work, but I’m going to try to at least have monthly phone wallpapers and work my way up from there.

If you’re interested in commissioning me, you can email me, or fill out my commissions form when I’m open:

Hello, all!

This will be my last log post here, because I’m starting up a newsletter! It’s a much better way to reach people than checking my various myriad social media accounts, so if you’re interested in keeping up with my work, you can subscribe! It’s quarterly, so only four or five will go out a year, I promise. It’ll just be a brief look at what I’ve been up to and working on, and possibly also discounts on my store or updates when I add new things.

Subscribe here!

boy, i have been quite busy the past few months!! September I went nuts and drew i think almost 40 of my ocs? so my oc website has a bunch of shiny new artwork. I fell hard back into BNHA because BNHA is the best superhero series ever and I’ve really grown to love it a lot, the character development in this show is just. So good. (and also Kirishima) and we’ve been doing some extremely fun things in our dnd campaign so my dragonborn cleric Wralarys has gotten some outfit changes and upgrades!

I’m planning on doing few more ink drawings to add to an inktober sketchbook that I’ll put out eventually, I’ll definitely post about it on my twitter when I get around to it. I also signed up for pillowfort as tumblr seems to be going down in flames, so for anyone looking to keep up with my progress more frequently those are both good options!

I hope you all are doing well, and working on lots of fun projects~

I’ve been drawing a lot of ocs this month! Between #drawthisinyourstyle and wanting to improve expressions and faces, i’ve been getting a lot of practice in. I still want to get some solid photo studies in when i have a chance, so if anyone has a place they go to for good references, i’d love to see them

I’ve been slowly working on a set of RWBY wallpapers because the rwby ladies inspire me a lot and i love drawing them, i’m almost done with team RWBY and will probably be finishing JNPR after that (although i might skip ahead and do a Penny one first, because Penny).

I also participate in the sports shipping olympics that happens every summer, called sportsfest this year, and that’s been a blast – i love going through prompts and picking out my favorite concepts to draw, but I try to keep them under an hour. It’s great practice, and there aren’t many events with such a prolific outpouring of creativity with an incredibly supportive community around it. It’s a joy to participate every year! I always look forward to it✨

Some projects finished up, so have a long-awaited art dump and log update! I participated in several secret santas this year for various fandoms i’m active in, and got some super super lovely gifts in return. I really love fandom events like this, they’re so warm and friendly and end up producing a whole bunch of awesome work, so everyone wins. The FF30th fanzine has also closed preorders, so I can post the piece I did for that! The zine looks absolutely incredible and I can’t wait to receive my copy.

I’ve been drawing a lot of DnD characters lately, some for commissions, some for friends, and some are my own. DnD is really fun, you guys. I love it so much.

I’ve been so incredibly busy lately, on top of some hectic and energy-consuming family stuff, so I haven’t been able to update in a while. I finally caught up on BNHA season 2, and the animation has been absolutely blowing my mind – I knew I was going to love these scenes because they were awesome in the manga, but seeing it animated is incredible.

I really love celebrating fandom birthdays, especially when i’m not feeling very much like drawing, because there’s extra incentive to draw my faves for their Special Day™ and celebrate them with the rest of the fandom, so a lot of the things i’ve been posting are bday art, haha. I also started a new tabletop game since our star wars sessions have been put on hold, so art of my newest character will definitely be forthcoming once i settle on a design for him!

Oh, I also made the mistake of installing the sky factory mod for minecraft? gosh dang, that mod is super fun and crazy addictive. I just want to make all of the things, forever

this is Zizdi, my original character from my group’s EotE Star Wars game! we’re having a whole lot of fun with tabletop rpg.

long time no post!

to be honest, i’ve been going through my roughest artblock yet, and it’s made drawing difficult to keep up with – i’m having a lot of trouble with motivation, and also with focus. but i’m keeping myself going by working on zines and small projects, and i’ll make it to the other side eventually.

Lots of things to talk about!! I’ve started practicing my comicking and I’ll hopefully have a short oneshot done in a month or two, I was at NSCon in NY and got to talk to some friends I hadn’t seen in ages, and I’m working on backgrounds for an original visual novel project! It’s looking like it’s gonna so super interesting, I’m really excited about it.

I also got really invested in a baseball anime and the newest Fire Emblem. I’ve fallen hard. I will always be a sucker for Fire Emblem, though, I’ve been playing them since i was a wee lass. Seventh grade, probably? Oh, and I have been trying to be more ambitious in my fanart and studies – including more detailed backgrounds, sequential art, multiple characters, that kind of thing. Gotta push myself with every new thing I do!

My 2015 sketchbook is up for download on gumroad! it’s pay what you want this time since it’s a little short, and I included a couple older sketches as well. 53 pages, about half original and half fanart!

I’ve been super busy lately! Just got back from AAC in NH, which was fun as always and i got to chat with some really awesome artists and go to a couple great panels. i’ve also been managing to practice my traditional inks every day for inktober, and it gave me the confidence to give watercolor commissions a go for the first time, and they came out really well! traditional commissions will be exclusive to conventions, though. if you know you’ll be attending one where i’m tabling, commissioning me for a watercolor to be picked up at the con is also an option!

i’m also trying to make some updates to my s6 shop, so if there’s something you’d like to see posted let me know. ✿♥☆

I have been quite busy lately!! got back from RTX a couple weeks ago, which was an absolutely incredible experience where I got to talk to an outrageous number of radtastic people, and since I've been working hard on commissions and various fan projects. Gotta get back to that 30 day background challenge soon, and I also want to participate in NaGraNoWriMo (national graphic novel writing month) in September!! I've been itching to give watercolors another try, and definitely want to keep going with that because they're super hard but have the potential to be so pretty. SO PRETTY, GUYS.

Here's a lil collection of stuff I've been drawing recently! I'll be attending a couple conventions this month (Pi-Con in CT and RTX in Austin) and going a little nuts with all the stuff I gotta do. I'm also contributing to a Pacific Rim themed tarot deck and a zine featuring canonical lesbian relationships in cartoons, so I'll post about those once they're up and fundraising has started! exciting, exciting ✩

I just got a small run of mini artzines printed up to sell at my booth!! i'll have them at conventions I attend in the future, so keep an eye out.